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May 20, 2018
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You loved me, but I was blind to see it

You loved me, but I was insensitive to feel it

You loved me, but I was overwhelmed with doubts

You loved me, but I was unready

Currently I am ready, but I think it's too late

Let me ask you

Is it too late to be ready and love you back? 

Did I waste your time and efforts? 

I know I can't bring back the time

But at least I can try to enkindle the fire of your love

Is it possible?  I think it is

I am confident that your love is a fire no waters can quench for it's  the strongest

May 17, 2018
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I begged you for another chance 

Hoping that our conflict would be fixed

I prostrated before you 

Swallowing my pride,

I humiliated myself just to win you back

But all my efforts went down to drain  

My heart had been deploring for weeks till it quietened 

I am now reminded that life is nothing but a continuous chain of separations

That nothing remains constant in this world.

That all things need to pass for us to see the light in darkness 

That to experience agony to be able to see the joy in  sorrow 

And to keep loving without counting the costs. 


09:19 AM May 17 2018




March 24, 2018
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One quite morrow in my solitary frame

I noticed your exquisite presence

You joined me in my moment

You got my hands

From my sitting position you made me stand 

I rested my hands on your nape

Accompanied by the sweet music

Of the rustling air and chirping of birds,

We started to dance

Till we reached the zenith of the mountain 

It looked like I was in paradise

That with you I couldn't feel 

the sensualities of the earth

Only the joyfulness that can't be bought by anything, 

overwhelmed my feeling.