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have an open mind

have an open mind

Date: Dec 25 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture, Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When I read a script, I try not to judge the characters. I try to have an open mind and really see what it makes me feel.”

Actress Penelope Cruz, talking about choosing her movies (BrainyQuote)


1. 定義 - Study the definition.

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wait until knowing all the facts before deciding on one’s opinion

2. 用法 - Learn how the slang is used.

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What is a person’s mind? It’s what allows a person to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel. We say that a person has a closed mind if they’re not willing or interested in learning about new things. And a person has an open mind if they’re able to do so, and more importantly, to think differently about something they already have an opinion about.

Imagine that you just went on a date with someone new. You’re not sure that your date was very good-looking, but you thought he was funny. He was also extremely intelligent, and you liked the way he shared his opinions. You tell a friend about your experience and say that you don’t think you’ll go out with him again. Your friend will likely tell you to have an open mind. After all, you did think your date was funny and intelligent. If you have have an open mind and try one more date, you might feel differently about him afterward.

Actress Penelope Cruz is given the opportunity to make new movies all the time. When she receives the written story (or script), she tries to have an open mind about the person she is being asked to perform as in the film. She knows that if she can have an open mind, that will let her simply feel if the role is right for her or not.

Do you believe you have an open mind to changes in your life?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“It’s important to have an open mind when going on a first date!”

“I like to have an open mind when eating at new restaurants.”

“Do you have an open mind about where we see that movie?”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

ortiz2037 to accept something without prejudices
作者 ortiz2037
Manu4 To accept, tolerate or welcome new ideas, situations or people.
作者 Manu4
a2020 Accept everything as it is.
作者 a2020
vladocuba To have an "open mind" is not having previous opinion or judgement about somethink or someone....
作者 vladocuba


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joao correia


How many more have an open mind you have is better for you live completely excited.

05:34 PM Apr 03 2016 |




Events, happened with me last year, taught me to be more patient and I had looked on many things in different ways. I consider I’ve got an open mind.

11:34 AM May 22 2015 |




I guess we should all have an open mind otherwise we wont learn new things. We shoudn’t confine ourselves within limited area as world is vast and never stop exploring whch is the best way to live life.

11:46 PM Dec 26 2014 |

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Sharing s Caring


To give yourself and/or others all the possible chances to express, understand all about a particular situation, circumstance, idea, theory, behavior and do not jump to any conclusion before making sure that nothing else could add any fact to the subject. Open minded people are always calm by nature, quiet, good listeners, patient, have strong analytical skills, mostly they have great experince and wisdom. They tend to accept excuses, understand and accept different behaviors from others, believe in variances and accepts others as they are. To be open minded also means that your ability to learn is always higher than normal or narrow minded.

02:48 PM Dec 25 2014 |

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United States

To have an open mind is like to use a rainbow glasses ,hahahaha

07:25 AM Dec 25 2014 |

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Also: Live and let live (Leben und leben lassen)

04:01 AM Dec 25 2014 |

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