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July 6, 2007

I was traveling and I do things that I never think I could! Before, I was very afraid, but I start to think... If I don´t try I never know if I can! So... I try... And it was wonderful!


I was in Paradise... Fernando de Noronha... A beautiful island with great beaches! Everything is beautiful there! I do scuba diving in the sea and see dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks, crabs and a lot of fishes!!! The sea is more beautiful than I think! 


Besides, I ride horseback (I always was very afraid with horses, cows...) and do a trail to a beautiful beach! 


In Fernando de Noronha, I do everything I didn´t do and I had fear to do in my place. And love it!  I really enjoy a part of my life, and I would be this way forever!


More about Fernando de Noronha: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_de_Noronha 

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05:05 AM Jul 07 2007



Hi Linda, unfortunally I don´t live in Fernando de Noronha. this photosare from my travel to Noronha... There is a very beautiful place, I hope you travel to there someday!

03:17 AM Jul 07 2007



I appreciate your courage!

This is the thing I need in my life!

Your hometown is very beautiful!

I aslo live near sea, but my hometown is quite different from yours. I hope I can travel your hometown someday.