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Viet Nam

August 30, 2011

I don't think that today I can create a new blog I write something that I am thinking.Why I join this page.I don't  know the reason for that.Today I have to go to school , I have a Chinese subject now, so I still sit here and type and type some words unconsciously..althought I am trying to typing quickly , I can't .I can not  type English languge more faster.


 I don't  want to write more  there but I think if I want to type better I must do it.Why I choose English as a second languge? i love english? maybe?  It is usefull for my caree in the future? ok it is certaintly, because it is the most popular languge over the world

I don't know what I should do next time? may be I'll comeback this page or never

but I never pessimitic

holaholaYell   the first step always  isn't easy for all people

"""nuốt cay đắng mới làm được người trong thiên hạ""

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12:05 AM Aug 31 2011



Today,it is Wednesday,Augest 31th ,2011.After two days is an importance day with all citizens in my country,independend Day of the Republic Socialist of Viet Nam (9/2)...the air on all roands is very busy.Everyone are preparing to decorate the roads, the buildings...that day I won't go to my class.I will comeback my hometown,i will meet my big familly, meet my mother, my grandparents and lose others.I feel happy when I return my homeTongue out