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May 24, 2006

i am sitting.... learning... and listening the music oe moment ago was : "listen to your heart" and now is something else but i want to be agree with my heart It would be beautiful and graet feeling that i lived good and people always could depend on me. I want be need for other and "life in my live good"
hmn... nothng interesting only some of my dreams dreams which can stay true doesn't it??
All for now bye bye everyone:)

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09:21 AM May 28 2006


This is the best song that I ever heard!
But also sometimes I think... maybe it's not good to listen our hearts...? Sometimes this is really hurt:( But sometimes is the best way... Although what can we do? I don't know. Also mind also heart sometimes can promt us good and bad - we must decide oneself.
Pozdrawiam( - wow one word in my all utterance in polish! :) )