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May 20, 2006

It is my first note
maybe i write somethig about me...
i am 19 and  i've just finished hight school
i live in Poland I can talk about this country a lot but i want to know something about another countries. I really want to know many about Japan and Chine. I am interested in this countries but i don't have any way to learn about it and know as many as it is possible.
I am not good in English but i like learn it so maybe someone can help me:)

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03:38 AM May 21 2006



thank you!
 i can talk with you ofcorse i like to know something about all countries and you can correct my mistake in gramar and learn me new worlds...
write me

12:03 AM May 21 2006



Hello my friends. I'm a 18 year-old girl from China,my Chinese name is Shum Yishi but you can call me Jayla which is my English name,hah hah~~I learned that you want to know more about China,may be I can help you for I'm a native Chinese.Let's talk in English.Send me an E-mail okay?   jayla511@163.com

08:56 PM May 20 2006



Manlusia, I think your English is very good! Your sentences make sense and your word choice is direct and to the point. I don't know much about Japan and China but I do know a lot about the United States.

What's it like living in a place with as rich a history as Poland?