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June 25, 2008

You can't understand my love,

though i show you my smile,

and those sweet words i can't tell.

Will you be my princess, my dear?

Then i will certainly be your knight.

To protect you from here to there.

For me you are the most fresh air,

i can't be alive without your care.

Maybe there aren't many to share,

but you are the only one i wanna stare.

It's torturing me to thinking of you.

You are the most cute thing i knew.

But i can just waitng and stand still,

until you can know that i love you.

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10:28 PM Jun 26 2008


You're sweet and romantic guy, Meru. Yes, at this age you should see everything into 2 sides, both good and bad. Life is learning. Have fune with it. Let obstable is what encourages your power to acheive the goals.