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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

February 11, 2010

The Olympic games!

Excellent time!

It’s occasion for every man in the world!

I wish Russian sportsmen strength and victory!

I like winter Olympic game and I think that Canada will make the bright, interesting and unforgettable competitions.

Enjoy watching!

Good luck for all competitors from every country!

Russia is the champion J



12:56 AM Jun 24 2012


good morning my friend

I m not new here, just changed my profile due to some reasons

Now I invited you for being my friend. hehheh hope, and wish,  you like it.

look at all pics below and you know who I am.......Laughing

Have a great time. drop some lines and tell me. How do you feel .

02:31 AM May 28 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D


long time not seen, here is a cappuccino for you

hot nd sweet, enjoy it   Laughing

11:29 PM May 10 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

good morning

feel sunshine inside you and spread it to your friends

and human around you

so do I now

with love, JO

10:51 PM May 01 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

10:56 AM Apr 28 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh wanna see you happy dear friend, because I m soo happy

do you wanna share it ?? hope, you will

09:11 AM Apr 25 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

ahlloooooooooooooooo  , privet dearest friend

some spring greetings from sunny  germany

how is the area around baikal lake ?? do you have spring allready there ?

07:42 AM Apr 12 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D


wish, we can drink some coffee together one day.

have a great time....

January 30, 2010

Did you know this story?) 

Every year Professor Max Bazerman sells to his MBA students at Harvard Business School $20 note more expensive then its face-value.

During the past ten years he has earned more than $17,000 by auctioning $20 bills to his MBA students. In the course of almost two hundred of his actions, the top two bids never totaled less than $39, and in one instance totaled $407. How does he do it?

First of all he demonstrates the $20 note to whole class and says that he will give it to the student who will give him back the highest sum. But there is one condition. The student whose sum will follow the winner’s sum must give his sum to the professor too. For instance, let’s suppose that two leading bids are $15 and $16. So, the winner will obtain $20 in exchange for his $16 and the second student will give his $15 to the Professor.

Auction starts with $1 bid and very fast reaches $12-$16. At this point most students stop bidding and there’re left only two students with highest bids. Slowly they reach $20 bid. Obviously from this point to win in sum is impossible but to lose own money and get nothing back none wants.

As soon as the auction gets passed the $21 bid, class rolls with laughter. So smartMBA students are ready to give more money then the face-value is. Indeed, that’s rather comic. However the auction goes on and reaches $50 bid; then – $100; sometimes – $200 or more.

At first all students consider that they have opportunity to get easy money. Well, they are not fools and will not pay more then face-value of the $20 note. However when auction reaches $12-$16 line, the second-place student realizes that he faces the prospect of money loss. That’s why he starts bidding more then intended until auction reaches $21. At this very point both main competitors will lose money, but one of them will lose only $1, the other – $20. To minimize loss they both make efforts to win. But this rush leads to that with every new bid both of them lose more money. Thus they reach the line when further bidding makes no sense and the opportunity to get easy money results in losses. 

January 11, 2010

Elephants are very polite animals. They always hail each other with special ritual. One of the ways of “elephant’s” greeting is an embraces when an animals twist proboscises each other. If elephant calf falls in the mud, elephant mum or dad sure holds proboscis and pick up him. Such as a people hold theirs children’s arms, elephant calf hold mother’s proboscis. At the end: elephants can smile!!

05:37 AM Jan 13 2010

Slavic miracle

In a real life i never have seen elephant's smile, but on the photo it's a nicely! =)

09:26 AM Jan 11 2010



heyyyy Slavic m. have you ever seen an elephant 's  smile ?


send you mine, hope you like it too  LaughingLaughingLaughing