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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

January 11, 2010

Elephants are very polite animals. They always hail each other with special ritual. One of the ways of “elephant’s” greeting is an embraces when an animals twist proboscises each other. If elephant calf falls in the mud, elephant mum or dad sure holds proboscis and pick up him. Such as a people hold theirs children’s arms, elephant calf hold mother’s proboscis. At the end: elephants can smile!!

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05:37 AM Jan 13 2010

Slavic miracle

In a real life i never have seen elephant's smile, but on the photo it's a nicely! =)

09:26 AM Jan 11 2010



heyyyy Slavic m. have you ever seen an elephant 's  smile ?


send you mine, hope you like it too  LaughingLaughingLaughing