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October 31, 2015
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Writing an essay is one of the most overwhelming tasks among students. Whether the essay is for some contest, a class or a scholarship many students often find it daunting. While an essay is something significant about your test scores and grades as well as it is used to check your writing skills. Try the following basic tips to write a great essay in less time:

1.       Select a topic:

Usually the essay topic is assigned by the teachers, but if you may be asked to write an essay on the topic of your choice, it is better to choose the topic on which you have some interest and command on. These types of topics are usually easy to write and lessen your stress.

2.       Prepare a diagram or outline of your essay ideas:

It is always advisable that before start writing organize your thoughts on some paper. This structure acts as a foundation of your essay. Use either a diagram or outline to write your ideas and organize them.

If you want to create diagrams, write the topic of your essay in the middle of the paper, draw three or four branches from them and write the main idea that is in your mind at the end of these branches.

For an outline, write the topic of the essay at the top of the page. Then start writing the main ideas.

3.       Thesis statement:

 Now you have a topic of your essay and an outline it is now time to start writing the thesis statement. The thesis statement is used to tell the reader the main idea of your essay. Therefore, it is always recommended to write it attractive that forces the readers read the full content. Have a look on to your diagram or outline and check out what the main idea of the essay is. There must be two parts of thesis statement. In the first part you state the topic while in the second is the point of your essay.

4.       Body:

In the body you describe, explain or argue your topic. Make sure to write each main idea into different sections within the body of the essay. The structure of each body paragraph must be same. Start with the introductory sentence. Then write the supporting ideas in sentence format.

5.       Introduction:

Now that you have already written a thesis statement and the body of the essay, it is now the time to write the introduction of the essay. Make sure the introduction must grab the reader’s attention at once and forces them to read the full essay.

Start with the attention grabber. Use simple summary, a quote, a story, dialogue or shocking information related to your topic. No matter which angle you choose, make sure it has some connection with the thesis statement, which will come after the introduction.

6.       Conclusion:

In conclusion sum up your entire essay in three or five strong sentences. Go through the main points of the essay and provide reinforcement of the thesis.

7.       Read and proofread:

Before submitting, don’t forget to read and re-read your essay this will help you correct all the errors that you might make during the writing.

Author bio:

This article is written by Joyce V. Brown. She is working as a Counseling Consultant in Chicago Public Schools and also is a part time writer at Essay Writing Service uk and also love to visiting historical places.

09:32 PM Nov 19 2015


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