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Russian Federation

HI ! My name is Roma. I'm from Moscow. I don't travel much, but I think that it is really interesting.. I have recently visit Sweden and Finland!!  I've received enormous pleasure! :) I've met a lot of different people! I've known culture and  life of theese countries.. It was  Unforgettably! I want to travel again and again..

  And What do you think about TRAVELLING? What counyries have you visited? Where it was pleasant to you most of all? What places do you advise to visit??


02:14 PM Jul 06 2007 |

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nice to see you again

i don't enjoy traveling cuz i am a little lazyTongue out

well, do you know a singer in your country named vitas?

many of my friends likes him ^ ^


your topic is traveling~~  almost forgot it~~

does anybody have good ideas about this?

10:09 AM Jul 07 2007 |




Hi, Roma

I love travelling too. I especially like to find the difference between my country(Japan) and place I visit.  I love to see the local supermarkets and see what kind of food people eat, and taste unusual foods and sweets. And ofcourse I love to visit world famous places and take pictures. But mainly I love to walk around neighborhood and see everyday life.

I've visited Mexico, UK, France, USA, Netherlands and Korea. They're all so good in different ways. I'd like to write about these experiences in my blog sometimeSmile

01:33 PM Jul 07 2007 |




HI Roma.I am not specially interesting in travelling.I tend to indoor activities.I usually followed my monther`s company to aborad.but an accident,they dare not take me to aborad.I think what I felt Interesting is to see many people and different things.today,I met many koean and some persons whose look really similar to yours,so I guess they are Russian.now I am in shengzheng,china.I think there are many ways to visit some countries.for example You have a car you can drive to there.but like I have ever been to Hawaii it must go to there by airplne.like these..

02:33 PM Jul 07 2007 |



Hi Roma

I am Kathryn  .i like travel ver much if i have enough time i willl go to traveling.so i live in the GuiLin of China there have a lot of nature view and have 5000 years traditioner culture .i like my country .so i hope youcan come to here to experience this extensive and profound of the culture when u have free time. and we can make friend if u do not mind it.

07:26 AM May 22 2014 |