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使用我們的英文論壇來學英文。 留言板是提出英文問題與尋求英文解答的理想場所。 每位會員的發言越多,所有會員便有了更多的機會可以練習英文!


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ride fences


United States

hey pals, here comes more questions:

1. people come in to my office and ask me where the bathroom is, should I say the bathroom in “on the lobby” or “in the lobby” or “outside to your left”.....?

2. “I have always ridden the fence with my opinion of the Princess. Today, I have hopped off that fence and decided that I really don’t like her.” what does “ride the fence” mean?

3.”She’s as phony as a $3!!! ” what does ”$3” have to do with being phony?

4.can I say zap the tv off? or zap through the channel?

Thanks a lot!!!and happy posting

11:00 PM Apr 01 2004 |

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United States

03:55 AM Apr 05 2004 |