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love and money?which is more important?help me




I met my boyfriend in univerity and we both graduated and are working in the same city.In order love,I quit my major and some good jobs suitable for my major.I come to wuhan and find a job not relating my major and the salary is low.

someyimes i feel what I did is not meanfull.for we are young and should put the career in the first place and probably we will separate and don't marry!!

when we chat,what he said hurt me deeply so I want to leave.in fact,he is kind o me most of time!!

His home is far from my hometown and if we married,we can't go to my home to look after my parents.I think I should be near my parents.because they become older and older day by day!

what should I do?Can you give me some davice?thanks


02:38 AM Jan 16 2008 |

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Follow your heart Jody. Nobody knows what is best for you except yourself. Consider the positive and negative sides. Who do you love more, your boyfriend or your parents? Are you the only child? If so, explain this to your boyfriend. If he really loves you he will be with you. why should you sacrifice your study for him if
he can't sacrifice a little for you. Anyway, the decision is still in your hands.

04:25 PM Jan 20 2008 |




Most relationships are based on compromises but when efforts are coming from only one side, it’s kind of wrong. You don’t say much about your boyfriend and the way he feels about you and most importantly, if he also makes compromises and sacrifices for you. Besides, if someone loves you, he is supposed to support you, rather than put you in a position where you have to chose either him or your career/family. Instead, he will respect your priorities and choices you make.
I think you have to reconsider this relationship of yours. If I were you, I would stick to my family, especially if they needed me, and get back to my studies. It seems to me you’re making quite a sacrifice there, and frankly, I can’t think of many positive examples of similar stories. In most cases I’ve witnessed, those sacrifices are almost never justified.

09:35 PM Jan 20 2008 |




thanks for your advice.I will make the decision by myself!!

02:52 AM Jan 21 2008 |




First don't loose your feet,You can live as you like only if you are sincere to yourself 7 standing on upon your own feet,when you are standing is sound only then you will be able to decide positively,otherwise you will drag yourself to hell.

03:14 AM Jan 21 2008 |



It is better to be youself,according to your own feeling.The better job,the better sallary,and you life will be more birlliant.Love is not everything.

04:00 AM Jan 21 2008 |