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Is it still safe to fly?




Another plane has crashed this morning in the Queens area in New York… 2 months after the attacks on the world trade center and pentagon, people were less scared to fly than they were one month ago… Now everything is coming back and the number of people flying this week will be probably even smaller… I flew last week, and I’m supposed to fly to the US in december… Now I’m not sure I want to do that anymore… Do you guys think it’s still safe to fly ?

03:59 PM Nov 12 2001 |

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United States

Well,wackyguy, I think it’s totally an accident this morning that the plane crashed into the community, but it really hurt americans again, hurt their frail nerve and slight faith in flying. but I don’t think it’s dangerous to fly cuz the airport has got a lot of precaution now. Anyway, my heart goes out to the victims, May God bless america, let’s pray that there will be no tragedy here…

05:50 AM Nov 13 2001 |


United States

I fly fairly often, and I have thought alot about if it is safe or not… I have to admit that I am a little bit scared, but I also know that it is still (EVEN TODAY) safer to fly in an airplane than it is to drive in a car. I also believe that if everyone in the world changes their lives because they are scared of terrorism, the terrorists have already won this struggle. If I die in a plane crash or accident, I think it was just my time to go. The important thing is to be a good person NOW, to go on with our lives TODAY. :-)

Your friend,


11:07 PM Nov 15 2001 |