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Puritanism is one of the most powerful forces that have shaped American culture and national identity. It maintains its legacy even today.
In my writing assignment, I have asked to contribute puritanism to the conception of “American dream” so anyone who has knowledge can help me?!!

09:54 AM Dec 27 2001 |

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United States

Hey Dahlia!

Puritans were very hard workers. Their strict rules about work, and their belief that hard work was what God wanted from them led to something called the Protestant Work Ethic, which basically states that:

A universal taboo is placed on idleness, and industriousness is considered a religious ideal; waste is a vice, and frugality a virtue; complacency and failure are outlawed, and ambition and success are taken as sure signs of God’s favour; the universal sign of sin is poverty, and the crowning sign of God’s favour is wealth.

This in turn led to the idea that if you work hard enough in America, you can be a great success… that anything is possible….

I hope this helps! If you have more questions, please just drop us a line!


08:54 PM Dec 27 2001 |



Thank you Tanis it really helps!!

03:25 PM Dec 30 2001 |