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Improve or not to improve.. my english!! or how I found englishbaby!!!





Well , FIrst of all, I studied Marketing…  but now I'm an English teacher. Well I'm a newbie. I started like eight months ago. So the problem is that I'm not an expert. When I finished my English course (it took me almost 2 years ) I started to work for an small company. In that company I never used english, mmm well actually, I used it when they sent me to the Dominican Republic, it was for an expo… so the problem was that I never practiced my english. Ok … on the last december  I finished my Teacher's course, It was great, and also difficult, so now I know how to teach but sometimes I feel small, incapable although I'm teaching level one and level two (in high school) . My boss was talking with me last week and she told me about to improve my english. So she said "I know you're doing your best but I don't know if you're capable…Cry.. she was nice! at the end she asked me to find a school in order to improve my english skills!!... and that's how I found this great site!!! and … mmm tah's all… I just want to share this with all of you!!! and you know … to practice more jeje ….   See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for reading!!!


pd. corrections in my writing,errors, ideas, suggestions etc etc etc  are welcomed   Tongue out

04:27 AM Sep 04 2007 |