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US music or UK music?

little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

actually i prefer Uk music cuz in my opinion US music is too commercial. All of the hottest American singers are nothing about music & art, just commercial ( like Timbaland, 50 cent, Madonna, Brit..). But of course it doesn't mean that all Us artists are the same, there're still many great artists from US like Jason Mraz, Colbie Cailat, Linkin Park

What do u think? Which do u choose? tell me why please

and also tell who is ur favourite US singer or Uk singer

11:58 AM Mar 11 2009 |

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At this time i'm agree with U 'cause I enjoy UK liberty & variety of music.. They're not just commercial like U said, perhaps a little like french singers. :D

I enjoy The virgins, The kills, metronomy and stuff like that! But It's also the way of life of the english young that we can heard in england songs, revolutionnary & crazy :p

06:43 PM Mar 11 2009 |



It´s quite difficult to choose one of them. US songs are mainly known all over the world but as you said are more commercial than UK songs.

I have not listened the UK scene so I can´t be objective about this topic, because only I have heard US songs as a USA neighbor. 

10:49 PM Mar 11 2009 |

curry zhang


  • both good. l like  it deciding on the harmonious sounds.The  better the music is ,the more I like it.

06:49 AM Mar 15 2009 |



I think music there is no limit between countries,each place each country has poor and good musics,it just depends on our interests.when i listen to music i do not to consider who sings and from where,i just to enjoy the good rhyme.if one really like music he or she will not care for "us' or "uk".we world should has no difference.

03:00 PM Mar 15 2009 |

little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

well i dont care where the music comes from when listen to a song. What i wanna discuss is that Us & Uk are 2 English-speaking countries but the 2 music is not the same style. What's more, we mostly listen to music from these country so i just wanna wask which music u prefer.

10:30 AM Mar 16 2009 |



well actually I prefer UK rather than US music. but in other ways, I like US music too for their performance and style :)

06:37 AM May 30 2010 |



Saudi Arabia


07:13 PM Jun 08 2010 |




I prefer the UK musicans, but there are US' good ones :)

12:00 AM Jul 13 2010 |