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Mixed-level groups


United States

Hello! I have to divide a group of students into three classes. There are some students who are much better than the others and I think they should all be together or they will be bored. But with the medium and low level students, I don't know if it's better to mix them or divide them. I am thinking of mixing them but I'm worried about the higher-intermediate students being brought down by the lowest students. Or the lowest students might feel lost if the others are too high.

What do you all recommend?

08:26 PM Aug 03 2009 |

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I think it is good to have mixed-level groups. The better students can get extra assignments if they are bored. Or they can help correct the lower level students.

08:27 PM Aug 05 2009 |



Yes, i also think it is better to have mixed-level group.

03:11 AM Aug 07 2009 |



yes ,i think it is better to teach students in accordance with their aptitude , but sometimes all the students should be mixed up together.

02:32 AM Jan 31 2010 |