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使用我們的英文論壇來學英文。 留言板是提出英文問題與尋求英文解答的理想場所。 每位會員的發言越多,所有會員便有了更多的機會可以練習英文!


Teacher Talk

ESL Specialist



English Language Teaching and assessment:

TOEIC Corporate Trainer, ESL Project Manager, TOEFL Trainer, Head/Senior ESL

Teacher, IELTS English Test company-owner, Business English Training Specialist,

Vocational Education and Literacy Specialist, Business Communications Teacher,

Government English Language Training Executive, Business Studies Department Head,

Lab Administrator, university/college Business Lecturer and English Language Lecturer;

Canadian Secondary School system School Principal, English Specialist, Reading

Resource Room Specialist, Business English specialist, Secondary School ESL, oil

company, armed forces and police English Trainer. Banking & Economics positions as a

Stockbroker Investment Advisor, Equities/Economic Research Analyst, Economic

Development Investment Analyst with a Canadian provincial government, Registered

Rep of Toronto Stock Exchange and Investment Dealers Association of Canada. Former

employers include multinational financial services companies, state oil companies,

government, colleges, universities, international schools and international English

language schools. Several graduate/masters level accounting, investment and finance

credits – MBA in NZ. International banks in Canada & NZ. Teacher of Business Studies &

Economics NZ High School Business Studies Teacher, Canada, Business Studies Dept

Head for A/AS Exams – UAE. 28 years experience, 15 working internationally Business

English and English Language Programs worldwide, 8 yrs financial services industry

experience, 2.5 years in government public service, 1.5 years in public sector training, 2

yrs Armed Forces/Police Training: and 7 years Canadian public secondary school

system. Management trainer in UAE & Qatar. Developed an English Language Testing

website using strong skills and interest in Literacy Training and Testing Systems.

Completed 6 years (TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL), business, management & computer training

experience in the Middle East and SE Asia. Developed and delivered training programs

for international schools, colleges, government and private enterprises. Conducted

training needs assessment and capacity planning.

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manik athawale


Dear teacher I want to take TOEFL score how I can give this exam please I request you give me some clarification

06:18 PM Mar 21 2012 |



Teacher make man perfect.

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