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使用我們的英文論壇來學英文。 留言板是提出英文問題與尋求英文解答的理想場所。 每位會員的發言越多,所有會員便有了更多的機會可以練習英文!


Teacher Talk

Learning any language is fun and will keep you young



  • You can gain confidence in speaking,you can learn how to read too.

  • My suggestion is.READ OR LISTEN ( a passage or  a story,or listen to a speech or watch discovery/national geography channel) mark the words,

  • UNDERSTAND what you read or listen,Have a good English/English dictionary

  • ANALYSE What you have read or listened

  • REVISE   the words you learnt, keep a track with a special noteboook the words, and

  •  REVIEW before going to bed, what you have learnt and

  •  practise those words in your day to day conversation and in writing

  • ,You can this way master any language including English.

  • Read or listen/understand/analyse/revise /review

  •  you can,if you think you can and you really can.

  • With all my best wishes for a Merry Christmas  and the Happy New Year.

  • With blessings and best wishes.

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