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bogged down

bogged down

Date: Jul 17 2008

Themes: Pop Culture, Sports


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I don’t get bogged down by pressures. I think if you look at this game as a fun sport, then it’s easier to deal with.”

- Basketball player Yao Ming on staying positive.


1. 定義 - Study the definition.

burdened by worry; bothered by problems; hindered, held back

2. 用法 - Learn how the slang is used.

Basketball is played on a solid, level, wooden floor. But imagine if it were played on wet, muddy ground. It would be a lot less fun. The ball would get wet and wouldn’t bounce very well anymore. Your feet would stick in the mud and you wouldn’t be able to run or jump.

A bog is a muddy piece of land, kind of like a swamp. And it’s not just hard to play basketball in a bog, it’s hard to do anything, really. Thus we have the idiom bogged down. When your life is cluttered with worries and problems, you’re bogged down.

Yao Ming has a lot to worry about. He’s TKcm tall, so he has to worry about hitting his head on doors and ceilings. But he also has to worry about being a professional basketball player in the USA. There’s a lot of pressure to win, but Ming doesn’t get bogged down by all that stuff. Whenever it starts to bother him, he reminds himself that basketball is just a kid’s game and it’s supposed to be fun.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Sorry I haven’t called you back. My mother has been sick and I’ve been bogged down by that.”

“Take the road that goes around the town, otherwise you’ll get bogged down with traffic and beggars.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Luichi overwhelmed
作者 Luichi
jj kaulitz stressed out
作者 jj kaulitz
195854255 disappointed, hopeless,despairing
作者 195854255
viviouyan prevent making progress
作者 viviouyan
timbuk13 bothered
作者 timbuk13
birsencan not overwhelmed while in diffuculties..
作者 birsencan
addiama means to be slowed down or hindered work.
作者 addiama
amandab like get stucked
作者 amandab
sarahdale to be bogged down means to be affected by a negative issue
作者 sarahdale
GavinZheng be trapped; be out and down;be in trouble
作者 GavinZheng
Pavlionka to be obstructed, impeded
作者 Pavlionka
NAJLA give up under pressure,collapsed or not to stop making progress.
tarkaw stuck in a hard time
作者 tarkaw
aynaz not being tired ,disapointed or bring down...
作者 aynaz
Bogged down: I think, means; bored, saturated by sth, disturbed.
作者 feresyosira
mecklybver stop going forward
作者 mecklybver
felixvjr Yo be stuck in the bug.
作者 felixvjr
depressed, bothered
作者 Robert_Grace
作者 glynsalazar
xiaoyaocao inhibited or upset
作者 xiaoyaocao
suffer from, get stucked in
作者 lovely_ruby56
angry or frustrated
作者 hong, in pyo
dia_nna29 Bogged down means being hampered, slowed down or disturbed.
作者 dia_nna29
get in trouble,or stop to do something
作者 lin_lin_oo
Jack0398 depressed,unhappy or give in
作者 Jack0398


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bogged down
well nobody can lead a smooth life without difficulties

01:25 AM Aug 24 2008 |


Dominican Republic

I never get bogged down when i fail on important things!

02:10 PM Jul 18 2008 |

Genghis Khan


Don’t bog me down in this mass of detail.

01:37 AM Jul 17 2008 |

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