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Contractions and Abbreviations

Date: Feb 20 2012

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Unless you’re a celebrity who’s into extreme plastic surgery, you only get one face, so you might as well make the most of it, right? That’s what makeup companies want you to believe, anyway.

Makeup has been around for hundreds of years. But it hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. It used to be considered improper for women to wear makeup, unless they were on the stage.

These days, cosmetics are a multi-billion dollar, international industry. Some women wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty, while others like to create more dramatic effects. And then there are those, like Marni, who don’t wear makeup at all. Find out what happens when she goes to Amy for a makeup tutorial.



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Marni:  Amy, it occurred to me the other day that I don’t ever wear makeup. And, frankly, I don’t really know how to wear makeup.

Amy:  Really? Well, first of all, Marni, you look fabulous.

Marni:  Oh, please.

Amy:  But you could look even better.

Marni:  You know, I see myself on video sometimes, and I think I look really washed out. So I could use a makeup tutorial. And in that, I always feel like, shouldn’t that be something that was passed down, that sort of, you sit your daughter down and teach her to apply makeup…That never happened in my family.

Amy:  It’s funny, my mom never taught me that kind of stuff either. But I learned from friends or that kind of thing. I mean, I’m not great at it, but I do wear makeup most days. To me it’s like part of my morning ritual, putting on a little makeup.

Marni:  Sure. I just don’t want to look freakish when I wear makeup, and my fear is that it’ll look so caked on.

Amy:  It’s funny with makeup. It’s like, you want it to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup, but you just look really good. I think that’s kind of the ideal, like a subtle, natural beauty.

Marni:  Right. And that’s clearly the fine line that I just don’t know.



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Marni tells Amy she needs a makeup tutorial. She doesn’t often wear makeup because she doesn’t really know how to put it on. She’s afraid that if she tries to wear makeup, she’ll look strange. She’s worried about wearing too much makeup or having it look caked on.
Amy says that the goal of wearing makeup is to make it look natural and subtle. You want to look like yourself…but better. But Marni says that’s a balance she doesn’t know how to strike.

Maybe that’s because nobody ever taught her. Marni says that her mother didn’t show her how to put on makeup. Amy didn’t learn how to wear makeup from her mother, either, but she learned from her friends instead. Now she wears makeup almost every day.

If you’re a woman, do you like to wear makeup? How did you learn how to wear makeup? If you’re a man, do you like it when women wear makeup? How much makeup is too much?



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tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Great discussion, all!

A way to describe having too much makeup on is to say it’s

“caked on.”


Her makeup is caked on. I have no idea how her skin breathes beneath all of that makeup!

Why do you cake on so much makeup? You don’t need it to look attractive.

You can also use “plaster on” in place of “cake on.”

Why do you plaster on so much makeup? It looks so unnatural!

True story:

I remember when I was 13 years old I started putting on makeup. My mom didn’t mind, but my father thought I was far too young to use it.

One morning, while getting ready for school, I had caked on a lot of makeup. I thought it looked really great. Boy, was I wrong!

My dad looked at me as I was walking out the door to meet the school bus. I had put on a lot of blue eyeshadow, and I guess it looked horrible and way overdone.

My father, always a kidder, said to me, “You have so much blue over your eyes you could sink a ship!”

He was always so creative. I was really embarassed, and didn’t make that mistake again!


Heather Cook, M.Ed.

02:12 PM Feb 20 2012 |



I looove makeup, but not overdrawn ;) It is my daily rutine to make a make-up. I feel more comfortable, because my face isn´t shining??? I don´t know if it is the right expression. I need to extend some parts of my face, like eyes…

And what kind of makeup I use? It depends on the situation – if I´m in good mood I spend more time in front of the mirror and when I´m upset I use only mascara.

I like making makeup for another girls – my sister, friends… It´s a type of relax for me … like painting for somebody :)))) 

01:21 PM Feb 20 2012 |




I m man so I don’t wear makeup and don’t like when others wear makeup too much… I believe in natural beauty and think that we deserve what is given to us… I don’t play with nature keeping in mind that I can’t furnish it.

It can be necessary for the celebrities to wear makeup because they come before the camera and entertain us… but when we see them in real then truth comes before us.. they look clumsy, gawky like this… and in this way they lose their natural beauty because the chemical, they put on, louse up their skin..

It’s better to have something than nothing… I used to put cream as I had pimples on my face but after I got to know that these chemicals could even spoil my face then I left and began to use home remedies like; tomato, orange, lemon….and it was good way to get back…

12:42 PM Feb 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




Definitely, a little make up enhance the natural beauty of a woman. The secret is in not overdoing it.Kiss

11:52 AM Feb 20 2012 |



not too much makeup, just making you charming , it s should be enough.

but if you are not make up anymore, you have to make sure that your face is perfect.Kiss

11:34 AM Feb 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




“If you don’t have a face – draw it!” Well said, Kotlesya, well said :)

11:18 AM Feb 20 2012 |




If you don’t have a face – draw it! :) Makeup  makes a miracle. 

I respect skilful make up, no matter who does makeup on your face you or stylist. 

The experience to do makeup comes in time. You begin to realize what colors suits you and what colors does not suit your face.  I used to wear the lipstick of bright colors many years ago, but now I use only tender colors of lipstick or don’t use any lipstick whatsoever. The makeup I wear is almost invisible. It looks tender and natural ( as if I’m without any makeup).

I never spend  long time in front of the mirror  doing makeup. Some quick lines are enough to add a charm to the appearance I think.

When I’m out of office I don’t wear makeup I give a rest to my face.

 I’m not the woman who will never leave the house without a makeup. I can  easily go outside without makeup and I think people around me are not too scared of my face ( I hope that anyway )Laughing 

09:52 AM Feb 20 2012 |




Yes, you’ve a natural beauty, just the way you are by Bruno Mars hehehe

08:55 AM Feb 20 2012 |

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Sometimes cosmetic really makes women look good but sometimes just give the worst look ever。

08:47 AM Feb 20 2012 |




Anja, you dive into makeup don’t you??

08:41 AM Feb 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




There are no ugly women. There is only a bad make-up :-) Don’t you think?

07:58 AM Feb 20 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

for me as a man when I’m face to face with my gf really don’t like she wears makeup.I like her nice and natural skin without any cover between my lips and her cheek!

06:35 AM Feb 20 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Hi! This is my first time on the site. I am an online English tutor, so I visit a lot of sites to put together fun lessons for my students. I am really impressed by a lot of posters’ grasp of English expressions. If you see me online and you have a question, please send it along. Heather

05:50 AM Feb 20 2012 |

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I like women who use makeup everyday they look really sexy, but some women don´t know how much makeup should be applied and look like a clown

05:40 AM Feb 20 2012 |


American Samoa

I like girls who just make up gently.Tongue out


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02:24 AM Feb 20 2012 |

1 person likes this

The Last Joke


In today’s world, many women are worried about how they look. However, looking great doesn’t have to take too much time or effort. So ,many women claim wearing make-up makes them feel good about themselves,and because it makes them feel more confident.

It’s impossible for those women to have peace of mind when their skins are wearing chemicals that might cause cancer.


Anyway :I like natural beauty but Nothing wrong with a little make up for women inside home , not outside !!.

Beauty has no need for make up !


11:44 PM Feb 19 2012 |



Russian Federation

i like to wear mekeup very much! i think it makes women better and more beautiful, help to hide some defects!

For me, make up is a part of my life, i put on makeup almost every day but i try to do it a little because a lot of cosmetics may disfigure a face as well as to make it fabulous.

I look through some popular magazines to learn how to use cosmetics correctly.

01:22 PM Feb 19 2012 |

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