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Learn English with this vampires English lesson

Date: Aug 16 2013

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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What can you remember about your first scary movie? Was it about zombies, perhaps? Maybe it was about Frankenstein, the famous monster made in a lab. It’s possible you saw one about vampires who sleep in coffins, hate sunlight, and, of course, drink blood. What a way to live!

Vampires only come out at night when people are the most vulnerable. After a vampire bites his victim, the victim becomes a vampire, too! Yet many books, movies, and TV shows today want us to feel sympathetic to vampires. Are we supposed to believe they’re just misunderstood?

Mason and Greta share their opinions of vampires in this English lesson about the things that scare us.

对于自己看过的第一部恐怖电影,你能想起什么?或许,它与僵尸有关?或许是关于科学怪人 — 在实验室制造出来的著名怪物。也可能是关于睡在棺材中的吸血鬼,他们讨厌阳光,当然还会吸食人血。多么令人惊悚的生活方式!




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Mason:  I wonder what you think the next horror-fright movie-villain that’s going to become a thing is going to be. Because I’m getting pretty tired of vampires.

Greta:  Yeah, I know what you mean. The whole Twilight thing has kind of soured me on them. Although I have a deep and abiding love of vampires. But this new vampire popularity, it’s hardly the stuff of nightmares. It’s pretty silly.

Mason:  Don’t you feel like they’ve kind of watered it down? There’s so much of it out there, and there have been so many different spins on the vampire stuff that the mystique around it, and the history, and a lot of the stuff that made it cool…

Greta:  But, you know, no vampires in pop culture today sleep in coffins. And most of them have fangs, but they don’t have those big fangs that hang down, they just kind of pop out when they’re ready to drink blood.

Mason:  Uh, isn’t that how they always were?



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Mason is pretty tired of vampires. He asks Greta what kind of villain she thinks they’re going to start seeing in books and movies because he thinks that vampires are on the way out. At least, he hopes they are, because Mason’s ready to leave vampires in the past to make way for something new.

Greta loves the way that vampires used to sleep in coffins and have big, terrifying fangs for biting their victims. She feels that the vampires we read about or see on TV today aren’t scary at all, and that’s kind of messed it up for her. Clearly, Greta wants the old vampires back. The new ones can’t even give her nightmares!

Vampires have definitely changed throughout history. What do you think of today’s vampires? Are they just as scary as the ones you read about as a kid? If not, what would make them more scary?



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Wow, Vampires are vampires!

07:33 PM Aug 17 2013 |




 i  like the TV play The Vampire Diaries and i love Damon!

04:02 PM Aug 17 2013 |


United States

For me vampires are nasty (blood drinking anyone?)

02:28 PM Aug 17 2013 |




Ryo, nice question :)) That’s the thing about vavmpires that they actually don’t have problems and if they have a fang fall off or something else:), they new one will grow up in a minute. They are getting healed very very fast, like sharks. Isn’t it something, i think the scientists should pay attention to this phenomena and start their research as for the vampire’s fast healing powers.

10:52 AM Aug 17 2013 |



Maybe I just haven´t experienced the scary vampires. I guess I was too young when they were on screen. But to me, there is nothing scary about vampires. Even if they would sleep in coffins and have those big fangs. Vampires are just too much of science fiction to give me nightmares:)

08:27 AM Aug 17 2013 |



i think the best film of vampire is blad because he change the old visualisation  of the bad vampire

12:27 AM Aug 17 2013 |




When I was young I loved watch moves about vampires. 

May be you saw serial which named Buffy the vampire slayer. In this move had old vampires and new. Old – was terrible, dangerous and scared. New ones were like people.

Now I can’t watch moves about vampires. For example, Twilling. Vampires are shining on sunlight. Not burn or hurt. It is odd for me. I cannot saw all this serial. I saw only first move. 

07:55 PM Aug 16 2013 |



I think today’s wampires are appeared in order to erase old,popular (we have known them for many years)their identifications,attractions.when i was a kid i always used to scare from wampires and other evil creatures.lately wampires arent smth to terrify of .especially after twilight series released .

05:19 PM Aug 16 2013 |



i like this lesson…

04:29 PM Aug 16 2013 |




Dark,cold and hungry creatures …they come from unknown places,they come out from graves..they are to be feed with human blood ,meat and fears ..

of course ,Twilight series are very popular with vampire love story in it..this movie changed people’s prejudice ..coz message was clear,Vampires would love ..it was new ,love between human and vampire..it was new ,love and fear..

for millions centuries ,human being was scared with imaginary fears and creautures..from Evil to Vampire, from Wolfman to Zombies, from Alliens to Frankeinstein..of course there are other soft and horrible movies and heroes too..for exp, Freddy,Saw,13th  Friday,Chucky,

Human brain works perfectly :) 

03:04 PM Aug 16 2013 |

2 people like this




“how  about  if it was  a big a mosquito in the form of  human  IN  Masquerade”

Ryo, it’s all your imagination. Whatever makes you sleep at night :))

11:29 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

Vampires in the old movies were more scarier than nowadays. I don’t know maybe because I was a child back then, and every things I saw it made me afraid anyway this what in my mind.

10:31 AM Aug 16 2013 |




i  seldom watch the movies about vampires.just  like chinese,s ghost,  i  think  they  are not  existed in  the realistic  world .maybe it  is  really  crazy for  so  many  people  like it . maybe  i  should  try to  have  a  look.

08:30 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t really hate vampires, but I think we don’t get surprised by seeing them any more, seeing them fall in love, or sucking s.b’s blood is a bit repeatitive.

I love to see new stories about vampires, brand new ones. Over all I think vampires are good examples of a creature who is made up of goodnesses and badnesses, they can be lovely and fall in love while they’re scary.

08:09 AM Aug 16 2013 |




i dont wanna say anything about vampires whatever greta said..but yet i ll appriciate greta..i love to watch vampires movie.specially twilight i really love that movie..somedays back i was thinking about me that i want be vampire u know what vampire is really impressive character from my side..vampire who have actually two character when the day will come vampire turned up as a man and the very night vampire will turned up as a villain who used to suck peoples blood….!!!!!

07:34 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this



i have no big fascination for vampires. it was scary during my childhood but not now for sure.

07:09 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love vampires.i’m seriuosly. Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.

Bella,Edward,Alice, Jasper,Emmet,Esme,Rosalie and Carlisle.


I love these vampires.

06:59 AM Aug 16 2013 |



My first expression about Vampires is not about sth scary,And i think they are very smart,stylish ,fashionable a group ,although they don’t really exist in this world .

But with the times passes ,orthodox vampires already can be define as another group of people who different behavior,another kind of food ,just like other animal .,but exist in another way .


06:31 AM Aug 16 2013 |




Jobee, do we really need to love them? are we in lack of love in this world? should we come to inferiority like an animal to be loved? or Gods created us with glory n honor to be human to be precious to live love not to kill it or to detract it in lower position by pejorative manners or negative thoughts??

03:53 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this




No doubt that today’s vampires are watered down,but don’t you think it is how the history goes?things always take turns to show up.you know the creepy vampires with sharp fangs and scary looks have been history,it is our needs to have something new,then we create the handsome cool vampires,in order to satisfy oureselves.

Do we really hate vampires?why would we have abiding attention on them?Do we love vampires?

03:40 AM Aug 16 2013 |

1 person likes this

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