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Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Learn English meaning of ‘Pope Francis’

Date: Nov 23 2015

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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In Catholicism, the pope is the highest priest. People often want to hear his ideas. The current pope, Pope Francis, is shaking things up around the world. He is from Argentina, and he is not a typical Catholic pope. Because of this, there is a lot of media coverage about him. Sometimes, he goes out alone at night. He likes to help people, and he also loves pizza.

Recently, Pope Francis became the first Catholic pope to speak to the US Congress. He shared his progressive ideas about saving the environment and being kind to immigrants. He also spoke to the UN. He gave many politicians a fresh look at today’s important issues. Many people think that his simple ideas have been a long time coming.

Gary and Brian both caught the recent news about the Pope’s trip to the US. Find out their reactions in today’s English lesson about Pope Francis.


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Gary:  Did you watch any of the Pope’s coverage in the US this past week?

Brian:  No, but I saw that he’s in the country.

Gary:  He spoke to the US Congress. He spoke to the UN with this amazing, progressive vision for the world. He really shook things up.

Brian:  Yeah, I know that he’s been making some changes that seem like it’s been a long time coming, but is he also really conservative? Or is he fairly liberal?

Gary:  I don’t know. It seems like his agenda is really trying to get people to talk more, to open a dialog about the topics that people either feel uncomfortable about or just want to avoid altogether.

Brian:  Yeah, I’m not Catholic, nor did I grow up in Catholicism, but I’ve definitely been keeping my eye on Pope Francis because he seems to be making a lot of changes. And it’s really interesting to see how its impacting the world.

Gary:  And his approach is offering a fresh look on new opportunities. I’m glad to hear someone else caught it on the news, because it was pretty incredible.

Brian:  He just seems like a really nice guy.



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Gary asks Brian if he watched any recent news reports about the Pope. Brian hasn’t watched the news, but he did hear about the Pope’s trip to the US. The Pope addressed both the US Congress and the United Nations. Gary tells Brian how Pope Francis is shaking things up by talking about issues that people often avoid.

Brian explains that he doesn’t know much about the religion of Catholicism, but he wants to learn more about Pope Francis. He thinks that it’s interesting to see the Pope making important changes. Gary is happy to find someone else who heard the news about Pope Francis.

What do you know about Pope Francis? How does he inspire you?



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It’s one of the best english course online that I’ve ever seen.




04:17 PM Dec 02 2015 |


kyoyoungSuper Member!

United States

Donarld Trump ruins Pop’s Legacy. America is full of Racism Now~!!!

11:13 PM Nov 25 2015 |




He’s a humble, honest, kind, Godly person. I’ve never seen in my life a person who is endowed such a high rank and not get spoiled by all the power he’s got. I wish our political leaders stopped for a second from their political turmoil and just got a little bit of wisdom and human love from Pope Francis.

07:42 PM Nov 23 2015 |

1 person likes this



I don’t know much about Pope Francis. I’ve heard his name for sue and when he visited Turkey I heard more often. I just know he is a powerful figure and it’s nice to know he is helping people.

06:14 PM Nov 23 2015 |

1 person likes this


United States

Humans being were born before religions , therefore , religions are created by humans to conquer the world . If humans use religions in the wrong ways , It could be disaster for the world , on the other hands , it could bring peace and love to all. 

03:25 PM Nov 23 2015 |



i don’t have any idea about pope…

02:28 PM Nov 23 2015 |

1 person likes this



United States

i would like too meet him

02:00 PM Nov 23 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello I’m Muslim and I heard many things about pop and catholic and Protestants it was interesting that he go alone at night and he like pizza I like pizza tooooooo

01:49 PM Nov 23 2015 |

1 person likes this




Many years ago I met Pope John Paul II.  This event left an indelible impression on me.

10:52 AM Nov 23 2015 |




i am Muslim. it was good information about pop Francis from Argentina.And it was look littele funny he loves Pizza.

09:03 AM Nov 23 2015 |

1 person likes this



I haven’t heard about Pope Francis.

07:55 AM Nov 23 2015 |

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