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Adult Coloring Books
Adult Coloring Books

Learn English meaning of ‘adult coloring books’

Date: May 08 2017

Themes: Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Young adults, or millennials, love things from their childhood. Television shows, movies, toys, and other things from years ago remain popular today. No one can say why. An interesting example of this is the popularity of adult coloring books. Stores like Amazon or Barnes and Noble sell many of them every day. Some people think young adults enjoy coloring too much. They think adult coloring books are childish.

Still, adult coloring books can make people feel zen. The detailed patterns are repetitive but relaxing to color. Young adults are very busy and often stressed out. A lot of the time, they try to be perfectionists at work and don’t have time to relax. They might not have time to create art, so coloring books can be a fun way to be artistic!

Jessica is not a fan of adult coloring books. Listen to today’s English lesson to see why.


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Jessica:  So, it might seem childish… I thought it was a very childish gift… but one of my friends requested for her birthday an adult coloring book.

Dominique:  Oh, my gosh.

Jessica:  What?

Dominique:  I love them.

Jessica:  You do?

Dominique:  I have so many. They are so relaxing.

Jessica:  I think it would be so boring. I was looking through the pictures online before I purchased one, and it looked like it would be so repetitive to sit there. All of the designs seem so intricate. I just… I think it would make me anxious! I would want it to be absolutely perfect. And… I don’t know… that would just take away from the moment of zen it’s supposed to be creating for me.

Dominique:  I think you might need to see a doctor. Something might seriously be wrong with you. It’s so relaxing and soothing and… it’s my new favorite hobby! I mean the patterns, and just when you do the coloring, it’s just… I just love it.

Jessica:  I think I’m too much of a perfectionist for that. I think I would get stressed out if I, you know, used the wrong color on the wrong part of the pattern. It would freak me out. I’d start having anxiety attacks.

Dominique:  Interesting. Well, maybe, you’re just not focused enough.

Jessica:  That’s true. Maybe, it would help me focus!

Dominique:  I feel like it would.

Jessica:  Maybe, I should force myself to get one. I know everyone loves them, but we’ll see.



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Jessica says that her friend wants an adult coloring book for her birthday present. She thinks adult coloring books are childish. Dominique loves them. She has a lot of them and thinks they’re very relaxing. Jessica saw one online and the coloring pages looked boring, repetitive, and difficult to color. She is also a perfectionist and scared of messing them up.

Dominique thinks Jessica needs help. Dominique colors in adult coloring books a lot and thinks they are relaxing and fun. Jessica disagrees. Jessica would be frustrated if she colored in the wrong thing, and she could have an anxiety attack. Dominique says Jessica just can’t focus. Jessica thinks about this. She says that, maybe, she will try them, but she’s still unsure.

What do you think about adult coloring books? Do you like to create art?



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Russian Federation

I’m also a perfectionist, but I’m very sure you can’t do anything wrong about adult coloring books. They’re really relaxing and you may spend a lot of time coloring them. And the result is always wow! But then they become a little bit boring. That’s why I prefer right brain drawing.

02:34 AM May 09 2017 |

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 Oh. I just hear of the “adult coloring books”  for the first time.  It may be very funny , but I agree the Jessica’s sense.  I also think it is a little childish.


  My child have many books about coloring which are about “princess” and “cartoon”. All contains are about a little girl. She usually colors them out lines because she is too little to do that.


  Now ,I am thinking the “adult coloring books”, maybe it is very funny for adults.  It needs patience and meditation and time to color a perfect book.  It gives one a feeling of fulfillment when one concentrate one thing with heart.  The feeling is so beautiful that it seems to enrich one’s meaning of life.


   Yes. I like to create art. I like creating art which has my own meanings, my own thoughts, my own characters, but not imitation of others.



06:46 AM May 08 2017 |

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