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Used to Do vs Be Used to

It's easy to confuse used to do and be used to. Both forms look alike, but they have very different meanings and structures.

First let's look at used to do, or used to + verb. When I say I used to do something, I mean that I did something regularly in the past which I no longer do now. For example, "When I was a child, I used to fight with my brother, but now we get along."

We can also use used to do to talk about something that was true in the past but is not true now. For example, "Playing with dolls used to be Sarah's favorite activity." In other words, Sarah's favorite activity in the past was playing with dolls, but it is no longer something she likes to do.

Be used to means something different. If you are used to something, you are accustomed to it. It is normal or usual for you. Be used to is always followed by a noun or gerund (verb ending in -ing). For example, I can say "I am used to the rain," or that "I am used to staying up late."

Used to Do vs Be Used to Grammar Quiz

  1. She has a newborn baby so sleepless nights and the sound of crying.

  2. He play bass in a rock band when he was younger.

  3. Didn't you live in Hawaii?

  4. I using email and sending text messages but my grandparents are clueless when it comes to that stuff.

  5. I take the bus to school but I moved closer so now I walk.

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When I was a child, Iused to study with my siblings, but now we get along.”

I used to  live in hostle in my junior classes.

06:14 AM Jul 25 2014 |




I think, it is useful to change a living place. It leads to changing our habitudes. For example, I used to walk (up to 10 km per a day) when I lived in my old city. So when I’ve got my driving license, I had to fabricate reason to drive somewhere. Now, my family moved to another city and I’m used to driving as well as changed many of my habits.

06:14 AM Jul 03 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

WHEN I WAS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL I USED TO GET A GARDES ..BUT now i am used to study more and get B

01:20 PM May 25 2014 |

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When I was 16 years old i used to learn Russian but now i’m used to learning English

05:33 PM Mar 22 2014 |

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i used to sleep late when i was on vacation but now i came back so,i’m not used to sleeping late

01:16 AM Mar 02 2014 |

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Serbia and Montenegro

I used to change boys very often when I was younger and now I am used to being in long-term relationship. :)

12:58 PM Feb 14 2014 |

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i used to climb a tree when i was little and I’m used to English now. 

01:19 PM Nov 08 2013 |



how much pocket money did you use to get when you were ten year old ?

I am very used to performing well on stage.

11:04 AM Sep 29 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i used to study very hard!but now in summer…i am awfully out of it!and i am used to sleeping whole the day and watching movies and spending very little time (like 2hours!)on my lessons!!

10:34 PM Aug 06 2013 |




I used to spent to much time on dance lessons, I broke my knee so now I don’t :(
I’m use to speaking English almost all the time, and i like it :)

04:38 AM Jul 04 2013 |