Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

May 24 2019


Not everyone can dance. It can take a lot of work to become a good dancer. “Dancing with the Stars” is a fun show to watch because viewers can see some of their favorite celebrities learning to dance.

“Dancing with the Stars” is a competition where famous people must train in different dancing styles. Some of the more popular stars on the show are very inspiring because they gradually become better dancers.

Julie tells Jessica about how much she enjoys watching the competition show. Find out more in today’s English lesson about learning to dance on the air.


Jessica: So, Julie, I just saw that “Dancing with the Stars” is on.

Julie:  Is it really?

Jessica:  Yes. And I can’t believe that it’s still on the air.

Julie:  It’s really popular. People really enjoy watching the competitors gradually improve. Because in the beginning there’s fumbling and making mistakes. But you can see them improve and it’s inspiring.

Jessica:  That’s really cool. And it’s incredible to see how much training goes into learning a routine. And how much endurance it takes to perform.

Julie:  I just feel like some people have an unfair advantage because they might have a background in dancing. They’re more likely to advance further in the show than if they were all amateurs to start.

Jessica:  That makes sense. Oh, you’re making it sound very interesting. Maybe I will give it a try.

Julie:  We can have a “Dancing with the Stars” girls’ night.

Jessica:  Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun.


Julie thinks that “Dancing with the Stars” is an inspiring show. Viewers can see some of their favorite celebrities work hard to become better dancers. However, she does feel that it’s unfair if one of the celebrities has a background in dancing.

Jessica is surprised that “Dancing with the Stars” is still on the air. But after hearing Julie talk about it, she’s more interested in watching. Jessica thinks it’s interesting how hard people will work to win the competition.

Have you ever seen the show “Dancing with the Stars?” Does the show sound interesting to you?

Grammar Point

Verbs with “-ing”

When Jessica is talking about the show “Dancing with the Stars,” she says, “And it’s incredible to see how much training goes into learning a routine.” She uses verbs with -ing.

You’ve probably seen a lot of verbs with -ing at the end of them, like sleeping, talking, or walking. There are two basic reasons to add -ing to the end of a verb: to form one of the progressive tenses, or to make a gerund.

We use the progressive tenses to talk about on-going actions. There are progressive tenses for the past, present, and future. For example, the present progressive looks like this: “I am walking to work right now.” Progressive tenses are formed with be + main verb + -ing, as in, “Joe stopped by while I was watching a movie.”

Verbs ending in -ing can also be gerunds, which act like nouns in a sentence. In the sentence, “I do the cleaning and my wife does the cooking,” both cleaning and cooking are gerunds. Gerunds often follow other verbs, as in, “I can’t stop thinking about you,” or, “I love skating.”

When Jessica is talking about the training and learning that the stars must do in order to learn a dance routine, she is using verbs with -ing as gerunds.

Which is correct, “Sam enjoys reading science fiction,” or, “Sam enjoying read science fiction”?


  1. What is “Dancing with the Stars?”

  2. Why does Julie think that the show is inspiring?

  3. Julie would like the show more if everyone was an __ dancer.

  4. Which is incorrect?

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