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Date: Aug 10 2000


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I thought, well, the script’s probably gonna be really
cheesy, but I don’t care, I’ll do it anyway.”


1. 定義 - Study the definition.

something or someone who tries to be cool, but in fact
is not something or someone of low quality that is trying to
be high quality

2. 用法 - Learn how the slang is used.

Cheesy is most often used to describe people. A cheesy
person thinks he is really funny and smart, but really
he is a fool. Cheesy is not a strong insult. You can tell someone he is
cheesy and he probably won’t get mad at you. It’s usually
a humorous and lighthearted comment.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Jimmy is so cheesy. He’s always sitting on his new car”

“in front of the school, thinking all the girls like him. Someone”

“needs to tell him everyone really thinks he’s a geek!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

”’Cheesy’ means anyone who tries very hard to be cool but in fact is not.’”
by Sarah (Hong Kong, China)
“When something is ‘cheesy,’ it means that it is predictable or uncool.”
by Gabriele (Lecce, Puglia, Italy)
”’Cheesy’ means another word for ghetto… or like something that you think is really dumb or ridiculous.”
by Sonia (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) “I think ‘cheesy’ means not good, cheap, kind of third-rate one. In that sentence, she doesn’t care about the scripts though they are not well done. Just a guess.” By Hyemin (Tianjin, China)
“Cheesy means ‘of poor quality.’ So, according to Winona Ryder’s words the script wasn’t good enough (of poor quality) but she didn’t care and decided to do it anyway. The British equivalent of ‘cheesy’ is ‘tacky.’”
by Paolo (Pisa, Italy)
“A review in the Tokyo Classified says about the movie ‘Cut,’ ’ This is Australia’s very effective effort to prove that it can make teen slasher flicks every bit as bad as Hollywood can. Hackneyed plot has an overweight, has-been American actress travel to Sydney to make a cheesy horror movie (‘Cut!’ Catch the double meaning?). Since the part of the actress is played by a chubby Molly Ringwald. I’m wondering just where the acting comes in. Not even bad enough to be a good bad movie, it also cheats, since it’s impossible to guess the identity of the villain.’
It’s a good material for me to get what ‘cheesy’ means as I read ‘a cheesy horror movie’ in it. I believe ‘cheesy’ means cheap, shoddy, or bad quality.”
by Yoshinobu (Yokohama, Japan)


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